Boat Insurance

It's often said that the most enjoyable time of boat ownership is when you buy then sell your boat. Our job is to make sure that you're protected throughout. Boat insurance policies can vary widely in what they do and do not cover based on a number of considerations, including the type of boat, the waters it will traffic, and how many months of the year the boat will be used. Still, there are a few basic kinds of coverage you can expect to receive, as well as some potential discounts for safe boaters.

This Includes:

Physical Damage
This coverage insures your boat against damage and loss caused by common risks, such as sinking, fire, storms, theft, and collision. The property covered can vary, but the policy will usually cover the hull and other permanent components, such as:
Onboard Safety Equipment
Fuel Tanks

Liability Coverage

This coverage applies if your boat causes injury to others or damage to other boats, docks, or structures. Keep in mind that the injury or damage can be due to direct contact with your vessel or situations caused by your vessel, such as large wakes. Good liability coverage may provide protection against lawsuits, including the payment of settlements and legal fees.
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